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not much, hanging out, hoping to get a fare. Been a pathetic day, since i stopped home to make flyers, and spent an hour fighting with the computer trying to get things printed out. Hopefully that'll lead to something big. Aside from that, life's been boring for the taxi weasel, a few refused fares by anti-fuzzies, but no real problems out here in sandland.
Oh, doesn't look like the President is going to live up to his promise of ftanding up for fuzzie rights, but at least he isn't supporting those trying to take them away, a big favor considering our last President.

Bad Weasel...

...haven't updated your journal in two months.

Gee, you'd think being turned into a six foot tall weasel would add some excitement to my life, give me something to write about. Nope, no dice, so far i've been lucky, life has been boring. While things have warmed up some out here, there's no real hardship for fuzzies out here, no hate crimes or anything like that, Phoenix is fairly stable actually. I'm so not looking forward to summer this year, not like i ever do but we're already hitting 80s... in Febuary!! Oh boy, this is bound to be a rough summer, i think me and Lir might really want to think about bailing out of here before summer in 010.

So what have i been doing? Not much, working, switched cab companies since Sunrise is dying a slow death. Dan who i followed to Sunrise the first time, i followed him to VIP this time, i'd worked for them years ago as Allstate, and avoided Fred the driver manager much as possible. You know those bosses you hate and avoid? Yeah, he was one of those, i wouldn't trust him as far as i could throw my cab. Since he's gone, i was willing to go back. Gee, its a professional outfit now, had to go through a day's training and a couple hours road test. Oh, and obviously they've no problems with fuzzies.

Aside from that, TVs, movies, hanging out with some of the local fuzzies and fuzzy fans, that's about it. Oh, and found that i like going around in my bare fur. I've heard rumors that a fuzz clubhouse has opened up, but i haven't found it yet, this is after all a big metro area. Basically are like a YMCA for fuzzies, and the same rumors of hankie-pankie hover around them. The big difference is that a fuzz club is more like crossing a YMCA with a nudist colony, and i love the thought of going swimming in my bare fur, no if only i could find the club. Heck, you'd think a cab driver of all people would be able to find it ifn it exists. Of course from experience i've learned that the only way is to ask the right people, and be subtle, a tricky combination when you don't know where to start.

Aside from that, life's normal and boring, and quite frankly i like it that way. Oh, did go to the Ren Faire, that was a blast, picked up a staff, got my hand writing analyzed, thankfully that didn't require me to write in cursive, i haven't done that in over a decade. Watched a show of hunting birds, caught some music, caught... i mean bought a turkey leg (yum), and shopped. As well as my staff, i also picked up or rather me and Lir picked up coin jewelry, a necklace set of a quarter with a heart key cut out of the middle, and the matching key 'natch. Perfect for the day after Valentine's day.

Ummm, that's about it, that and watching the new president on the news now and then. Wonder how this is going to shape up, the first black president, and a moderate (well mostly moderate) one at that. He didn't do much for gay or fuzzie rights on the campaign trail, and hasn't done much since taking office, but at least he took a rather neutral stance rather than the all too common negative stance that most pols take.

Well, now that i have a new cellphone with a LJ client, i suppose i'll have to act mature and update this more often. Gotta stop being a bad weasel, gotta stop living up to the stereotype. -=playful grin=- Oh, and be happy that i live in America, while fuzzies aren't well liked here, for the most part, we're not hated, or at least not openly for the most part.
Ok, the holidays are upon us, Halloween and T-day are already down, and here comes Christmass and New Years. This Christmass is going to be different, it sounds weird, but most of my gifts came from a thrift boutique. Sounds cheap until you realize that i forgot to tell you all about Tina, the newest addition to our family. We got her back in August since Sculley had to be put to sleep back in April. This time of the year is already bad for charities, especially with the economy in the toilet, so i decided to turn gift giving into a double gift giving and buy my gifts at HALO's boutique since they could use the money, and they gave me such a wonderful addition to my life.

Its been an interesting year what with my boss from last year failing to pay me almost 2 grand, someone i sold a car to disappearing with it, my landlord stealing my scooters, and going through SHAPE. All that, and i'm finally getting around to getting treated for my mental issues, i'm manic-depressive on the manic side, so they're trying to bring me down. That and my therapist is trying to fix me, not that i think i need fixing. Ok, i was thinking about jumping out my window, but there's really nothing wrong with me -=grin=- Seriously, i'm fairly well adjusted mentally, but medically i've got some issues, but nothing modern medicine can't fix.

Aunt Janice took my transformation quite well, and didn't even pass out -=giggle=-, and dinner... well, lunch... wait, i think dinner in olden days was really more of a big lunch in the early afternoon. Either way, had a great meal, better than anything i make, and i'm really enjoying life these days.

Oh, lost my job, sorta, paycheck went from $600 to $250, but they'd be happy to keep me. I'd be happy to stay, ifn i could afford to, but well, that's the way it goes, no? Tried a few places, but wound up at Sunrise Cab, we made our peace, and i'm having a kick ass time working there. Cars had already been modded for fuzzes, its amazing how many there are, but that's the way it was last time i was here. Hmmm, perhaps i caught it here (Ok, i know that's not possible). Bud's already been good about accommodating good workers that need a job, and real good about respecting all customers, so i'm glad to be back. Still, thinking of starting my own cab company in a year.. or moving to Columbus, its equidistant between me and Lir's families, and i don't really feel plugged in here, but i have gotten to know it, so we'll see what happens.

No real plans for Christmass, but i am going to watch my Christmass movies next Tuesday, and i'm going to put up an open invite for other fuzzes and fans to join me. I'll make a variant of my kick ass chili, going to try ground chicken in it, the Mexican grocery store carries that.

Been an eventful holiday season, and theres' plenty to go, taxes, dialing in my meds, going to my uncle's retirement, and suing the aforementioned people that wronged me, partially for revenge, partially to repay my parents, and partially to help me settle with the IRS. Oh, and i'm trying to get a scooter, found a really great deal on a Chinese 250, sounds like an earlier model which means prime for problems, particularly come Phoenix's wonderfully hot summer, but i look forward to learning how to work on one. Besides, its a ridiculously good deal, a bit under half the new price. Scooters are great on gas, cheap to insure, and compatible with fuzzes, no tail worries, though helmets are a pain on the ears. Wonder ifn anyone makes one with ear holes.

Well, i'm back and better than ever, and i promise to keep everyone up to date.

Been a while, no?

Wow, that was fun, me and Lir went to a meeting of the Maricopa Greens, the local chapter of the Green Party. Yeah, yeah, i know, those Earth hugging freaks that ran Nader for President. Well, not quite, they endorsed him. Still, while environmentally friendly policies are a big part of their focus, equality for all is an even bigger part. Cool, i'm feeling charged up, maybe i'll run for City Council next year or whenever the next election is.

Not much going on than that. Work has a new client i've been working on, and industrial parts company. I removed the seats from the car to make room for their parts, and its been some weird runs, even been to a granite mine to deliver things. Lots of things to Quaker Oats and Holsum bread company, neat places to go. That and the payroll company has been so busy that we had to reshape my territory, its a lot smaller than before, yet i'm making more money. Cool beans.

Lir's job isn't much different, his change never bothered them, after all, he's just another cubicle warrior (giggles at the image of his mate turning into a groundhog). Oh, our brunches continue, and well, that's about all.

Oh, what's a fuzz (that's what i hear we're known as) s'posed to go as for Halloween? I mean i'm literally wearing a costume day in and day out after all. Well, i'll prolly figure something out, that or sit it out as usual. I am thinking about doing something for Christmass, prolly a movie get together for the local fuzzes and fuzz fans, got a few Christmass movies here, though i need to get them on DVD. And hopefully i'll be able to spend T-day with Janice, my Uncle Peter's Aunt (what does that make her to me?), i had to work last T-day.

Well, i hope the universe is being good to y'all.

Where'd the month go?

So, the last month flew by. What's new? Not much, got Lir an 08 Cobalt with the SHAPE seat option. My van turned out to be a POS, so we unloaded it on them, and i kept his Kia Sephia which we'd already refitted with a SHAPE seat.

Other than that, we've caught a couple movies (Indy, Wanted and Iron Man), continued having brunch on Sundays, and well, continued to lead a boring life. Thankfully there isn't the hate there used to be for SHAPE victims, and Phoenix is surprisingly progressive for a predominately Democrat state.

Work's going good, they've been reasonably accepting of my changes, and i love the job, so life is good. Lir's having an equally good time, insurance company wasn't happy about the changes, and we've both had to relearn how to use things over the last month, its surprising how hard simple things like using a cell phone is after the change, though luckily neither of us got a long muzzle like the canines, its rougher for them.

Guess that's it for this time, but we'll see what the future brings.

The last couple weeks

Well, this one's a bit late, but considering the weekend, that's to be expected, no?

Ok, so how was my Memorial Day Weekend? Well, ifn you been reading this, you know that my mate lirleni FLASHed over the weekend.

The doc he saw is referring to it as SHAPE, some kind of acronym for it. 'course there's no official name for the disease, after all, it shouldn't be possible. Basically it rewrites one's DNA, mostly superficial changes, reshaping of the skeleton, tail and fur growth basically, internally you stay much the same, and your diet doesn't change. Teeth are usually some odd hybrid of human and that of the animal you turn into. Thing is we can barely manage to clone an animal, Dolly for example had to grow up like natural, the only thing special about her was how she was conceived. We can't speed up growth, nor can we turn an existing organism into another. Yet this disease does it, and the only explanation is that its via DNA resequencing, which being impossible has led to the usual conspiracy ideas, a runaway scientific experiment (unlikely, first cases were seen before we had more than a vague idea of what DNA is) or some kind of government experiment gotten loose, whether playing with something alien, or just playing mad scientist. Either way, it usually doesn't kill the patient, and aside from the possible social problems, doesn't really change them.

Aside from that, working as always, had to go see the doc for a final check up to make sure I'm health and normal. At least as normal as one can be after turning into a six foot tall weasel morph. Work is work, boring and all.

That's really about it, living in Phoenix has been a mostly lucky thing for me as a flash victim. Here we have doctor's that treat it, sometimes exclusively because they're fascinated by it. I've heard in some rural towns that sometimes only the local horse vet will treat you. Disgusting. Also we're generally accepted, or at least tolerated, its a large diverse city with a constant labor shortage, so they can't be too picky about what walks through their door, long as they can do the job. Goes the same way with me being the representative of another company, since I do deliveries, long as I'm house trained their happy. Negative is the temperature, this year's been mostly cool, we've only flirted with the hundreds two or three times thus far, but undoubtedly its coming, last July 4 was 115 degrees, and me with a built in fur coat... loverly.

Lir's home

Well, its been a rough weekend, but Lir's finally home. He turned into a very cute black puma. His stay in the hospital was a bit longer as he had to go to physical therapy, but luckily it was relatively minor, just some help relearning to walk, or more correctly, learning to walk on his toes as cats are digitgrade, like a woman in high heels. Hmmm, that would've made it quicker, just fit him with a nice bright red pair of stilettos, that'll get him used to walking on his toes. [goes into a giggle fit imagining a male panther wearing bright red stiletto heels]

Any how, he's back home, and doing fine, actually better than he had been, though its been hard not to give into temptation, I want to poke him and see ifn he tips over.

[watches his mate walk by, then reaches out an playfully tugs his tail] Oh I'm so enjoying this.

Lir's in the hospital

I think I've mentioned that I have a mate, lirleni who was incredibly supportive through my FLASHing and after that. No matter how much you love someone nor how much they love you, you never know how they're going to take the change, how they're going to take you turning into an animal.

Well, he'd been feeling a bit off since before I wound up in the hospital, and it'd been getting worse. Now he's in the hospital, and I'm worried about him. If he is FLASHing, it's very painful when the big changes happen.

[Returns to nervously pacing in the ER waiting room]

I've taken leave from work, and don't plan on going home until I know he's alright.

So far...

Ok, a week's past, and no journal entries.

Ahhhhh.... something must be wrong with me.

Oh yeah, I've this boring life where I sleep, eat and work, that's it. Well, that's not completely it, but that is about it, and that's the way I like it. Flashing didn't change much, I want a roof over my head, and food on my table, that's about it. Its not like becoming a six foot tall weasel somehow turned me into a secret agent or something.

Speaking of work, its going good, I'm luckily in a job that's both protected from economic down turns, but also racism, specism, and so on. I deliver packages, paychecks, flowers, really whatever people need moved. There's the big deal, they need it moved, and the pocket book talks, if we're the leader in price or service, I don't think they'd care if I were a tentacle monster or a blob, so long as their package is delivered undamaged... and dry. This is nice, although its illegal, you always hear stories of people being fired for being fuzzy.

Oh, and the appeals court slapped the military's ban on fuzzies from serving down, but the appeals court is a small part of the over all court system, so we'll see where that goes.

So, life goes on, bought a bicycle, a Hawaiian themed 7 speed cruiser, just gotta figure out what to do with my tail, don't want to get it caught in the wheel or the chain. That'll likely be my sole way of getting around on weekends, which has been a plan for a few months, the only alteration is that I didn't get to sell my scooters first as they got stolen. While I drive and drive a lot on weekdays, weekends are just running to the grocery store or the movies with the occasional other errand running, all of which is typically within two or three miles from here, definitely biking distances.

Going to see Indy, prolly wait until next week though, money's still a bit tight, although we're mostly caught up with the bills, should have the last wrapped up within two weeks. Speaking of Indy, it'd be interesting ifn he was a fuzzy, wonder what he'd be. 'course fuzzies don't get to be actors, haven't you noticed how in the last few years actors that go to rehab never return to their carreers? Yep, sure, they didn't flash, they're just normal people who've decided they'd rather drive a cab than act... or something like that.

Maybe I'm paranoid, but just because you're paranoid doesn't mean they're not out to get you.

Tails suck!!!

Ok, let it be known that I'm starting to hate having a tail. I mean it seems cool when you think about it, so long as you don't make a living as a poker player (imagine if you will, the greatest poker face ruined by your tail wagging happily). Lets see, how many times have I slammed it in a door? I don't think I have that many fingers.

And even worse, got a flat on the side of the freeway... on the left side. Ummm, I haven't learned how to instinctually tuck my tail around my body, you know how many times it nearly got run over? I swear, I'm going to wind up in the hospital having it put in a cast or a splint, or whatever they do for a broken tail.

Oh, and claws aren't any better. I must be a fisher or a marten, its the only explanation for these claws. And obviously a nail clipper won't work... Hmmm, maybe a Dremel tool with a sanding drum? Prolly buy a different brand though, I don't think Dremel offers a cordless version, and I always hated having a cord on my hair dryer and electric razor and so on, it always seems to get tangled.

That'll be easy to solve, and I can't wait until I can afford to get some new pants and get them tailored. Oh, and boots, there's a boot maker down the street, so I'll prolly go back to cowboy boots, after all, shoes for flashees are hard to find, but luckily we have a shop down the street that makes cowboy boots. Already talked to the owner, and since I'm lucky enough to be plantigrade (I walk flat footed, like a human), it shouldn't be anything special, just make a boot for a much stubbier foot. That'll be good, my job isn't foot... I mean paw friendly, heck the places I go kill tires, they last 2 or 3 months at best because of the industrial areas I visit.

Overall, things are going good, one week down, 'cept for the heat here, its in the nineties which is bad enough, but the AC in my van died. I wonder what's cheaper, getting that fixed, or shaving my body.